When Should Your Electric Scooter Helmet Be Replaced?

When Should Your Electric Scooter Helmet Be Replaced?

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to buy an electric scooter for adult with a helmet, or just replace your helmet, it is important to know the importance of helmets for e-scooters.

Your safety is paramount when you travel. While a helmet is essential to protect your head from being struck by a car, there are many options available.

This is everything an electric scooter rider should know before purchasing this essential accessory.

Do I require a helmet to ride an electric scooter?

Most likely, you have seen scooter riders without helmets. Head trauma is the most common injury for electric scooters. Data shows that you are more likely to be hurt in a fall than if you get hit by a vehicle or crash into something. Even if there is no obvious danger, falling can still cause injury.

Wearing a helmet reduces your risk of serious head injuries by 70%.

Helmets are designed to protect your head against serious injuries. However, it is important to replace them after a while.

Helmets, like all equipment, will deteriorate over time. It is wise to replace them to maintain your safety.

How long can a helmet last?

This question depends on the quality of your helmet. Different helmets age differently due to how they are designed, maintained, and used.

A helmet must be replaced every five years.

This is only true if the helmet has not been in an accident, sustained impact, and is in good condition. Your helmet could become much more fragile if it is left outside in poor weather conditions.

What happens if my helmet is impacted?

It is possible to drop your helmet, and experts who make these accessories know this.

They consider the potential impact that a helmet might take in real life, and so the helmets are made to withstand it. It is fine to use the helmet as long as it does not fall apart regularly, even if it gets a few scratches.

What are the key elements to remember when purchasing a helmet

When looking for a helmet, there are certain things you should take into consideration. These are the things you should check.

Safety rating

The safety rating is the most important aspect to consider when purchasing a helmet for cycling and scooting.


Ventilation is an important aspect of any helmet. You want to keep your head cool during long rides. The idea behind the ventilation holes is to allow heat to escape the back while allowing cool air to flow through the front.


A lightweight helmet can help you gain more speed. However, a heavier helmet will cost you more.

Personal preference is the best. If you plan on using it while riding an electric scooter, you won’t need speed. So, instead of a lightweight helmet, choose a safe and protective helmet.


The padding on the lid is a key component of helmet comfort. The padding on the inside of the lid helps to keep the helmet in place and prevents irritation. It also absorbs sweat and oils, which can keep your skin feeling fresh.


To provide maximum protection if you are involved in a collision, a helmet must fit comfortably and snugly on your head. It is important to measure your head accurately and choose the right size helmet. A helmet that is too big or small will not protect your head as well as it should.