Reasons A Driving Instructor Can Be Super Effective

It is often said that driving instructors can be effective. The Australian government encourages learner drivers to take lessons from professional driving instructors. The government even offers incentives for them to do so. Secondary schools are also trying to include driver education in their curriculum. Many host seminars from the emergency services and bring driving instructors into the classroom to teach students.

What is it about driving instructors that makes them so important? What can they offer you that you don’t have from your family or friends?

Let’s discuss reasons why driving instructors can be a crucial part of helping new learners drive and how they can help young learners develop the skills and behaviours.

1. Driving Instructors Are Better At Hazard Perception

Driving instructors do a better job of helping learners drivers to develop their hazard perception skills. This is done by providing “higher-order instructions” during the driving lesson.

In addition to the “watch out for the road” rule, parents and friends may give you vehicle handling instructions while the event is unfolding. These skills will help you to maintain control of your vehicle. However, they can also be useful in avoiding accidents.

Driving instructors will offer instructions to help the learner driver prepare for an event. They will also point out potential hazards or signs that may be present. Driving instructors often direct learners to look out for specific behaviours or cues in traffic. By watching out for indicators and/or watching other drivers, the instructor can help the learner drive plan their reaction to a potentially dangerous situation.

2. Driving Instructors Can Be Impartial

Did you forget about the garbage today or missed an important social event? Your driving instructor won’t judge you for it. They want to teach you how safe to drive and they aren’t affected by other aspects of your life the way a friend or parent is.

Learning drivers who are subject to conflict during driving lessons often develop bad habits. Although they may be able to learn how to do the particular actions during the driving exam, they won’t be prepared for unexpected driving situations in the real world.

Driving lessons can be taken by an instructor to help you learn how to drive safely from a driving school in Canberra. This allows you to gain the benefit of learning from a dedicated teacher while also practising with your preferred driver under different conditions and at different times.

3. Safety Is Often A Concern When Driving Instructors’ Vehicles

However, if you are driving a vehicle with your child as a passenger, the support they can offer is much more limited.

Many driving instructors will allow you to drive in your car. But most instructors will teach you safely in your vehicle. Nowadays, it is quite common for instructors to have their cars equipped with dual control pedals. This allows them to maintain some control. It’s not common for a learner to have dual control pedals (e.g., when driving with a parent or friend), but these pedals allow the instructor to use the brakes or accelerator to prevent or escape danger.

4. You Are More Likely Than Not To Drive In Modern, Insurance Vehicles

You will find it much easier to learn how to drive a newer vehicle. This is not only because the vehicle’s interior is easier to use but also because you are less likely to have any problems. A vehicle with an instructor allows some learners to learn to drive, even though they might have to adjust to poor control in their home car.