Top Tips for Mixing E-Juice with CBD Oil

Top Tips for Mixing E-Juice with CBD Oil

CBD oil and vaping have both become popular around the world. Besides, many people consider vaping as a healthy alternative to dangerous smoking. CBD oil is proven to show some good results for conditions like anxiety, epilepsy, cancer, depression, and diabetes. When both vaping and CBD oil have several benefits, isn’t it possible to combine the two? No doubt, the end product is always incredible. In fact, it will take your vaping experience to the next level.

CBD vape liquids are available in a wide range of flavours. However, naturally made vape juices give you a different kick altogether. If you want to make homemade liquid with CBD oil and E-juice then you can find some great tips in this post.

  • You must always adjust the amount of CBD oil when preparing this liquid by keeping your body weight in view. This simply means people with more weight require more CBD oil to experience its effects. If you are slim, you must always use less CBD oil. Otherwise, you may experience negative effects.
  • The amount of e-juice to use is generally determined by how much CBD oil is used. CBD oils are typically packaged in a 10ml container with varying concentrations of CBD. As a result, measuring the amount with a pipette will be much easy.
  • Tolerance power also matters when preparing the liquid. People who are more tolerant of CBD oil’s effects must use more CBD oil. Begin with small dosage to get an idea of your tolerance level.
  • This is something that must be taken care of. It’s important to know the difference between CBD vape oil and CBD oil. Vaping CBD oil is dangerous since it enters your lungs directly, which might cause several problems in the future.
  • Always choose nicotine-free vape juices because a nicotine-containing e-juice will reduce the effects of CBD vape oil. This means it’s of waste of time to combine CBD vape oil and e-juice with nicotine.

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Keep an eye on your CBD oil container, especially if it claims to have specific medicinal benefits. Always pay attention to the label because it contains some important information. According to a study, CBD oil from various top brands does not contain a quantity of CBD stated on the label. Hence, you must always choose a trustworthy brand for buying CBD oil. Always check to see if the CBD oil you’re buying is acceptable for vaping. Make sure your CBD oil is inhalable, not an ingestible tincture.

Enjoy vaping today by following the above tips!