Sweater top outfit ideas

This is the time of year to break out your scarves and hats. While you may have your favorite pieces stored away, it is time to get a few new pieces to mix and match to create some great outfits this season. Here are some new ideas for sweater tops if you are stuck in the same old mindset and routine.

Oversized Sweater & Form-Fitting Bottoms

A large sweater is a must-have. These sweaters are versatile and will make you feel like you’re covered in a cozy blanket. You can layer your oversized sweater so that you have a cute top to wear underneath if you feel a bit toasty. You can match your oversized sweater with any kind of bottom, whether it’s short, long, tight, or flowy. You can also choose to wear slim-fitting, leggings, or trousers. To contrast the oversized sweater, you will need to wear a pair of tight-fitting bottoms. You’re good to go with cute boots, such as UGGs.

Take off the Shoulder

Cardigans and open front sweaters can be dressed up or down. You can wear them completely open, buttoned or zipped up. They can be styled in many different ways depending on your outfit. For a more sexy look, you can button or zip your sleeves up to three-quarters of your body. To draw attention to yourself, add a delicate necklace and a pendant.

Pair a Short Cardigan With a Dress

For special occasions, dresses are a great choice. In colder temperatures, however, this style is not so easy to wear and keep warm. Long-sleeved and sweater dresses are the most popular. A cardigan can be worn with any short-sleeved dress to accent it, while also dressing appropriately for the season. This style is suitable for both regular and petite sizes. It looks great with women’s plus size outerwear Layered looks that keep you comfortable inside and out are the best. To complete the look, add a small shoulder strap handbag.

Wrap it around your top

A sweater is chic this year when it’s wrapped around your shoulders and tied in the front. This can be worn over a blouse shirt or sweater, or as a scarf with a coat or jacket. To make it stand out, choose a color that is different from the one you are wearing underneath. You can use it to layer up or take it off when you go into a shop or restaurant. This style can be used with lighter or heavier sweaters.

Accessorize your Turtleneck

When creating an outfit for winter, a turtleneck sweater can be a great base layer. You can add a single pendant, or a multi-layered necklace. To bring attention up, add a pair earrings. You can match this look with both skirts and dresses. Wear cute, short boots when you wear a skirt.

This season, get out of your comfort zone and experiment with sweater tops. For fall, earth tones such as terra cotta and sandy tans are very popular. You can choose neutral colors to match other items in your closet, or you can add some color to spice it up. There are many ways to wear sweaters!

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