How can offshore call centers help you save money?

Outsourcing is one way to cut down on costs. Businesses of all sizes often outsource customer service. With advanced VoIP solutions, companies are increasingly looking to foreign countries.

Many companies in North America and Europe have adopted the practice of outsourcing their call centers offshore. The best option is to outsource to Southeast Asia. It is cheaper to have an offshore phone center handle all your outbound and inbound calls. Additionally, it yields better customer satisfaction because offshore call centers are more experienced than their rivals.

Where can I outsource?

There are many options for those considering outsourcing customer service. The Philippines was the top call center hub in the world, surpassing India in 2011. It has been a preferred choice for many companies since then. However, many other countries are now offering similar quality and cost to the Philippines.

It can be difficult to find the right call center offshore. This is why BPO companies, or business process outsourcing companies, are so helpful. Many BPO companies are skilled in finding the best call centers for a particular company’s needs.

Many customer service outsourcing companies have very low overhead costs and keep the cost of their services as low as possible. BPO service providers, unlike offshore call centers, are typically located in the west, in countries like the United States. This makes them ideal not only for finding the right call centre, but also for understanding the client’s needs.

The Language Question

To communicate effectively with customers, offshore call centers have the language fluency and accent coaching. This is crucial because many companies worry about foreign agents being able to communicate with clients.

This is a common need that many offshore call centers recognize and train their agents in order to communicate with customers better. They are skilled at handling angry customers in all languages, and can ensure customer satisfaction at the conclusion of each call.

Customer service should be available 24 hours a day. Companies must be available to their customers at all times. Even a slight delay can make it difficult for them to keep up with their competition. Another advantage to hiring an offshore call centre is that they work all day. Many offshore call centers have disaster recovery tools like UPS and remote databases that ensure all client data is protected and agents are able to service clients even when they are unavailable.

Cost Advantage

The cost of developing an in-house phone center is always less than hiring one offshore. Instead of investing in staff training, building facilities, purchasing equipment and software, you can invest offshore. Because many companies offer turnkey packages that allow you to start your own customer service virtually immediately, it is always faster and cheaper to establish an offshore call center.

Offshore call centers are also cost-effective because they can provide expertise. The cost to hire technical support staff in the United States can be almost 15 times that of the Philippines. Offshore call centers are also able to train their agents in proprietary software to help companies become more proficient with technology at a fraction of the cost to their clients.

These trainings are an integral part of offshore call center operations and companies should be aware that they are not able to provide any technical assistance. Offshore agents are becoming more adept in different technologies, whether it’s tier-2 customer service, fintech, database management or eCommerce support.

How Call Center HR can help?

High turnover rates are a hallmark of call centers. Without the support of experienced HR personnel, call center operations could easily fail. Many offshore call centers are managed and run by highly qualified human resource personnel. These individuals are skilled in screening agents and ensure that the call center is able to meet client needs throughout the year.

Operating costs are the reason many offshore call center, especially in the Southeast Asia region can further reduce your cost. Internet, labor, rent and other costs are lower than in the West. This is something that call centers in the United States cannot match. We hope you found this information helpful. Make sure you find the best call centre service today for your company.

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