A Better Future

With the cancellation of the Edinburgh Fringe 2020, this is a unique opportunity to pause, reflect, and consider what we all want the future of the Fringe to look like. To plan for a better future.

For Everyone

From venues to artists, audience members to Edinburgh Locals, this is only possible through a collective effort. We want to make sure voices are heard at every level, so we can build this future together.

Creative Responses

Whatever medium you prefer, share with us your thoughts on what the future of the Fringe can look like, to be displayed in our online “Future Fringe” gallery throughout August.

What does the Future of the Fringe look like?

2020 marks the first year in with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival hasn’t run since its founding in 1947. Millions of tickets have been sold, and the festival has earned its place as one of the most important annual events on the global calendar. But just because the Fringe isn’t running doesn’t mean we need to stop dreaming. Amidst the tragedy, this is an opportunity. A chance to pause, reflect, and consider what the Fringe of tomorrow can look like. Whether you’re an artist or an audience member. An Edinburgh local or a venue manager, this is a chance contribute your vision, and help build a better, brighter, #FutureFringe.

Deadline for submissions is 23:59, 31st August